About the Trailer Park Tramps

There is a storm coming.  These sexy fun-loving women are ready to party in the Metaverse and beyond!  While building this collection, we focused on the art, utility and providing value to NFT holders.

THE ART:  Charly is a professional tattoo artist that decided to apply her skills to the NFT world.  Be on the lookout for a special t-shirt featuring a tattoo designed by Charly.

UTILITY & VALUE:  In addition to the art, today's most exciting NFT collections offer utility and Trailer Park Tramps is no exception.  We will be giving the girls a Meth Lab Makeover which will result in a unique second collection.  All TPT owners will receive a Meth Lab Makeover NFT absolutely free of charge.  But there's more...

Every Trailer Park Tramp NFT holder will also receive an animated voxel character that bears a resemblance to their TPT (we like to call them Foxy Voxy's).   We fully expect these characters to become playable avatars in the coming months.  But wait...

The girls are going to need a hangout and we've got that covered as well.  We have already purchased Land in The Sandbox.  We've also designed the home of the Trailer Park Tramps.  But one space is not enough to contain our girls so we will acquire land on multiple platforms post mint!

Join the community

Not only are we offering cool artwork , utility and value but we are planning big things for the future.  We hope you will join us on this journey – it is going to be epic!  

We respect your investment in our art, vision and community and want to truly give you something of value.  We priced Trailer Park Tramps with that in mind.  Those that join us early will benefit from the lowest mint price and greatest chance of appreciation.

Minting Begins

September 18, 2022 18:00:00 GMT

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Our Roadmap

Our roadmap focuses on growing our community by offering quality art, value and utility.  Those that choose to take this journey with us will be an integral part of both our long and short term success.

2021 The Idea

Come up with a fun NFT concept that offers quality art, utility and value to owners.

Turning the Idea into Reality

Draw the main character and attributes.
Generate the collection.
Create the website, discord & twitter pages.
Begin marketing campaign.
Set the launch date.
Purchase Land in the Metaverse.

The Launch

Launch the Trailer Park Tramps collection.

Make a charitable contribution to help those affected by natural disasters.
Contests and Giveaways.

Next Steps

The community will work together to design the spinoff collection - Meth Lab Makeovers.  Community members will be involved throughout the process.

Generate Meth Lab Makeovers NFT.

Begin distributing the animated Foxy Voxy's to TPT holders. 

Expand to additional platforms in the Metaverse.

Introduce the Trailer Park Tools & Trailer Park Taters (picture kids with mullets).

The Sky's the Limit

Collaboration between the team and community to build upon our solid foundation.

the Team

What started as a crazy idea was brought to life thanks to the team members below or as we like to call them, FAMILY.   

Young Gun

Our Partners

We want to thank our partners in this endeavor.  Nova Launch was instrumental in bringing our idea to life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'Trailer Park Tramps' Offensive?

The name of our collection is something we went back and forth on for quite some time.  While "Tramp" is no longer used as often as in the past, it actually is a good word to describe our traveling promiscuous party girls.  We love women of all types.  In fact, half of our team are women.

How do I know you are legit?

There have been far too many projects that fail to deliver on promises made to their NFT holders.  We want to assure you that it will not happen with Trailer Park Tramps.  In fact, in January we registered an actual business behind the collection.  Trailer Park Titans is a family run business based out of NJ.  

What benefits do I receive from buying and hodling a Trailer Park Tramp NFT?

One of the goals we set forth when creating this collection is to provide both utility and value to our artwork.  So every Trailer Park Tramp NFT holder will receive:

- A second NFT from our Meth Lab Makeover Collection.
- An Animated Voxel Avatar that they will be able to use in the Metaverse
- Whitelist on all future collections
- Other exclusive benefits

What Solana wallet do you recommend?

We recommend using a Phantom wallet.

What will you do with the proceeds from the mint?

Mint proceeds will be used to further expand the collection and will fund the Meth Lab Makeover Collection as well as the Foxy Voxy Animated Avatars.  We have already purchased and begun development of land in the Metaverse (The Sandbox) which will serve not only as a hangout for the girls but also as a method of advertisement bringing additional value to our holders.  

Last but certainly not least, we will be making a charitable contribution to help those who lost their homes and/or property to natural disasters.

Where can I get additional information?

You can reach out to us on Discord or Twitter.  You can find the links at the top and bottom of this page.